Taekwondo is part of the life of a person who breathes, thinks, and acts. It is a body-building art that cultivates lofty personality and technology, as well as bodybuilding.
——General Cui Hongxi
Taekwondo, a way of life.
Taekwondo, a way of life. What is Taekwondo? Simply put, Taekwondo is a martial art that protects itself from enemy attacks without using any weapons, but using bare hands. To put it in more detail, Taekwondo is for the purpose of proper defense science and flexible use of methods and techniques of hands and feet and various parts of the body through intense mental and physical training.
Taekwondo is a modern martial art that focuses on defense and protection. It emphasizes strict discipline, superb technology, and strong spiritual education to cultivate a unique martial arts of sense of justice, resoluteness, and determination. Therefore, the real Taekwondo man is fundamentally different from the plausible Taekwondo man who only learns some techniques that are extremely limited in combat and is content to please the audience on the field.
It can be said that this is one of the reasons why Taekwondo is called the art of body care. Taekwondo not only teaches people how to think and live, but also is ideal for cultivating strict restraint and noble personality. So many people say that it is a martial art that is almost a belief.
Taekwondo is explained literally. Tae means kicking, jumping, stepping, boxing means hitting by hand, and Tao means spiritual cultivation. All in all, it is to protect oneself barefoot with bare hands, to use kicks, jumps, stabs, block, dodge, and other actions to quickly and appropriately apply the goal of the activity, and to give the greatest blow to the technique and spiritual training.
Taekwondo enables congenital infirm people to undergo scientific training and possess the strength and self-confidence to defeat strong enemies. If used improperly, it is tantamount to using a weapon. Therefore, Taekwondo must always emphasize spiritual education and must not be abused.
Through continuous scientific training, Taekwondo maintains a good physical condition and mobilizes the muscles of the whole body to use all the power generated when the muscles contract plus the maximum power of the opponent's power, which is applied to the opponent quickly and correctly Especially the weakest part of the opponent is the key.
The main purpose of Tae Kwon Do is to counterattack the opponent immediately, to protect themselves, and in any case, there is no time to consider which action to use and how to respond. Therefore, it is necessary to continue training repeatedly until the techniques learned are automatically applied.
Taekwon-Do was born on April 11, 1955, and was named by the two-star Major General Choi Hongxi of the Korean Army. General Cui Hongxi began to study the new national modern martial arts since 1946. In 1955, it was officially named Taekwondo, and in 1983, the Taekwondo technical system was officially determined.