Taekwondo has about 3,200 moves, of which about 2,000 are hand movements and about 1,200 are foot movements.
Taekwondo consists of basic movements, routines, confrontations, and exercises (editor's explanation: it does not refer to general physical exercise, but refers to targeted exercise of the opponent's feet and various parts of the body to which Taekwondo techniques are applied. Composed with body protection. There is an inseparable relationship between them, if one is missing, it is like missing teeth in the gear. Because the basic action is the constituent element of the routine, most of the routine action is to attack and defend the imaginary target, so it is a confrontation in itself, but it is not a direct hit. Its essence is the same as actual combat.
Therefore, it is impossible to be proficient in various technologies and to allow the body to use the technology to protect itself without going through this process. Exercise is the pride of Taekwondo people. It is not only a symbol of continuous hard work and patience, but also allows technology to be better used in actual combat. The reason is that no matter how good a person's technology is, he usually does not hone his attack and defense parts. Instead, he will be easily injured in actual combat, and his own technology will not be effective. To expand, most of the basic actions are attacking and defending against an imaginary enemy. For example, the middle punch is to attack the heart of a person standing in front; the block under the arm is to defend the back of the tibia and the wrist attacked by the opponent. One of the basic actions is to defend or block against a situation, that is, There is only one goal. Therefore, master a lot of actions to arm yourself, so that in different situations, you can skillfully apply it to actual combat.
Routines are a collection of basic actions as described above. They are imaginary enemies before and after defense and attack under constantly changing conditions. Because each imaginary situation is different, there will be new movements. In order to skillfully apply Taekwondo technology in different situations, you must master multiple routines. Confrontation is the accurate use of various attack and defense techniques learned in routines and basic exercises on the opponent in actual combat. Therefore, in order to compare different situations and practice with people with different characteristics, you can learn various techniques. Inspire fighting spirit, courage, and gain confidence in the face of actual combat.
Thoroughly exercise basic movements, routines, counterattacks, and offensive and blocked parts at the same time. In any case, the principle of speed balance, concentration, reaction force, and adjustment of breathing and other forces can be used to form conditioned reflexes to defeat the enemy in one shot . Only then can we protect ourselves.
Confrontation is aimed at constantly changing targets, and the practical application of attack and defense techniques mastered through routines and basic exercises. Divided into contracted fights, semi-free fights, free fights, demonstration fights, foot fights, agreed free fights.
Guardianship is a combination of technical actions used to protect itself in the event of an unjust attack.
Therefore, the training of Taekwondo is a technique without beginning and end and needs to be honed repeatedly.