Level 10 (leucorrhea)
Compulsory entry: basic knowledge of Taekwondo, etiquette
Basic Actions: Natural standing straight punch, sitting straight punch, walking standing straight punch, block in walking standing position, block outside in forearm standing position
Basic Boxing Techniques: Straight Fist, Jump Straight Fist, Hanging Fist
Basic leg method: kick up, kick up, kick up, kick up, kick down
Basic stunts: kick up, kick up
Fighting mode: Three-step fighting (single player)
Compulsory Tel: Attack on all sides, Block on all sides
Level 8 (Yellow Belt)
Basic movements: walking straight punch in walking position, block on walking stand, cross with knife in L standing position, block with both fists in upward standing position
Basic Boxing: Turning and turning
Basic leg methods: kick back, kick back, kick back, side kick
Basic Stunt: Leaping into the Air
Fight mode: three-step fight
Compulsory Tel: Tan Jun
Level 6 (Green Belt)
Basic movements: Straight punch in the center standing position, two-handed diagonal cutting in the L standing position, V-shaped block in the walking standing position, and one-foot standing with two fists.
Basic leg method: kick off in the air, turn around and kick in the air
Basic stunts: three kicks, three kicks
Basic Power: Hand Power Break
Fighting mode: two-step fighting (double), semi-free fighting and learning rules
Compulsory Tel: Yuan Xiao
Level 4 (Blue Ribbon)
Basic movements: Blocking with the outside knife in the L standing position, standing palms on the hind feet, lifting the palm upwards, walking in the standing position with the elbow up, walking in the standing position with double fists in high position, walking in the standing position with double fists in the middle, and walking in the standing position with double fists Boxing with crosses, block in walking position with both hands up and down, block with U in both hands
Basic leg method: 360 抡 kick, 360 turn, side kick
Basic Stunt: Flying 360 Legs
Basic Power: Foot Power Break
Fighting mode: One-on-one (double), free-to-play, bodyguard
Compulsory Tel: Heavy Roots
Level 2 (red belt)
Basic movements: push the palm with your hand in the sitting position, slide straight into the punch with the L standing position, split the knife with the T-shaped standing hand, back with both elbows sideways in the L standing position, and stand with your arms up and down to block
Basic leg method: comprehensive training of various basic leg methods
Basic power: hand and foot power to break combined training
Fight mode: free fight, bodyguard
Compulsory Tel: Hualang