International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Certified Protective Gear
Material: high-quality EVA, PU
Features: This product is certified by the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). Foam molding at one time, exquisite manufacturing technology, personal design, soft and comfortable, good protection performance!
Size: XS, S, M, L
Color: red, blue
Important Features of Product Features:
1. Materials science. It is made of surface material specified by ITF, which has good ductility, wear resistance, plasticity and safety. The inner layer is safe material, which has no irritation and harm to the skin.
2. Advanced technology. The inner liner is formed instantly by a special molding technology, which is flexible, sturdy, and has the functions of pressure resistance and shock resistance.
3. Humanized design. The sweat-absorbent material is attached to the thumb, and the sweat can be dried without removing the gloves during confrontation; the hands and feet are well ventilated and comfortable to wear; the product is hollowed out, so it is easy to clean and dry.
4. Better protection. Due to the stronger antagonism of fists and feet in ITF competitions, this product is filled with thick, specially treated inner liners, and has better shock resistance!
5. Comprehensive protection. This set of products is designed with an eight-piece set, which can be added with arm guards and leg guards. Make athletes safer in physical contact during confrontation! Greatly reduce injury rate!
6. Wide range of application. The product is equipped with an extra-long outdoor elastic band and a sturdy Velcro, so each number can be used for a wider range of foot lengths.
This cover has four numbers of XS (small), S (medium), M (large) and L (larger). The range of each number is relatively large.
XS: height below 140cm
S: Height 140cm--165cm
M: Height 165cm-180cm
L: Height 180cm-195cm
In 1982, the International Taekwondo Federation established the current ITF Taekwondo uniform style. The ITF Taekwondo uniform is white, including tops and pants. Black banded people should have a 3cm wide black band under their shirts, and 3cm wide black bands on their sleeves and trousers.
The left front chest of the uniform should bear the logo of the International Taekwondo Federation, and the right front chest can wear the logo of its own hall and its association; when participating in international activities, the left sleeve can wear the national flag mark (the mark on the sleeve should be worn in the middle of the elbow and shoulder) .
In order to distinguish it from martial arts such as karate and judo, the special council of the International Taekwondo Federation decided on July 1, 1985 to change the previous double-lap belt to a single-lap belt. The belt is divided into six colors of white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black, with a thickness of 5mm and a width of 5cm, indicating that the level of the line and the end of the belt are 5cm. The ends of the black band are marked with Roman numerals for the number of segments.
1. The meaning of Daofu:
-Taekwondo uniforms are dominated by white, symbolizing martial arts created in North Korea;
-The belt is around the body, which means "I always follow the way";
-The belt is divided into two equal lengths in front of the body, symbolizing the combination of technology and spirit;
—The badge pattern symbolizes the ideal of Taekwondo as a modern martial art that is dedicated to maintaining world peace and building a harmonious human society;
— The text on the back is a pine tree, which symbolizes that the Taekwondo career is evergreen like a pine tree.

2, the version of the road service:
At the International Taekwondo Federation General Conference held in Vienna, Austria, in January 2002, it was decided to use a new version of Tao clothing. Therefore, the current robes can be divided into the old version (1982 version) and the new version (2002 version). The difference between the two types is the Taekwondo text on the back and the "ITF" on the left chest. "(The new version has it, the old version doesn't), and the text on the pants (the old version is the vertical ITF English letters, the new version is the horizontal ITF + Korean Taekwondo).
3. Types of Tao clothing:
ITF Taoism is divided into level Tao clothing (white belt-red and black belt), deputy normal school clothing (black belt one-third paragraph), normal school clothing (black belt four-nine paragraph). Starting from the deputy teacher, each level also has corresponding epaulets, just like military ranks, it is divided into assistant teacher (Instructor) epaulettes, teacher (Instructor) epaulets, master epaulets, senior master epaulets, and divisions. Saint (GrandMaster) epaulets.
4, the fabric of the road uniform:
The fabrics of ITF road uniforms can be roughly divided into three types: plain weave, stripes, and diamonds (reticulate). Among them, plain weave is the best fabric, which has good breathability, easy sweat absorption, comfortable wearing, but poor wear resistance. Striped fabric Thicker, not easy to absorb sweat, but strong wear resistance, suitable for frequent high-intensity training wear; diamond pattern fabric is thin, breathable, wear-resistant, but not easy to absorb sweat, not suitable for training wear.
The cotton content of road clothes is most suitable for 60% -65%. If the cotton content is too high, it will easily shrink, and if it is too low, it will easily pilling after wearing for a long time.
5. Size of Road Wear:
Internationally, there is no middle size for general uniforms. They are generally 160, 170, and 180. These types of uniforms have double openings. The overall size of the uniform is large, and the size is C (children). Or A (adult); domestic products have a middle number, such as 160, 165, 170. The pants are single openings, which are more suitable for height. The sizes are distinguished by S, M, XL, and XXL.