Name : Taekwondo Encyclopedia Dictionary Chinese Version
Author: General Choi (taekwondo founder)
Release: International Taekwondo Federation
Genuine guarantee: clear text and pictures, excellent paper quality, and never piracy.
Weight: Approximately 2.5 kg.
This book is based on the Taekwondo Encyclopedia Dictionary (15 copies) written by General Cui Hongxi, the founder of Taekwondo and the first president of the International Taekwondo Federation.
Compressed and edited comprehensive book. The first comprehensive English version of the Taekwondo Encyclopedia was published in 1988, and has been translated into Korean, German, and Russian in the following years.
It was translated into Chinese version in 2006, and it has become an essential material for the majority of ITF Taekwondo enthusiasts.
版权归国际跆拳道联盟所有。 This book is a Chinese version of a comprehensive encyclopedia of Taekwondo, published by the Taekwondo Korean Committee of the International Taekwondo Federation in 2006. The copyright belongs to the International Taekwondo Federation.
及跆拳道基本技术、特尔(套路)、对打、特技、威力、 锻炼方法等,全书共770多页,配有大量插图及文字说明。 The book introduces the origin and development of Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do ’s founder General Cui Hongxi ’s biography and basic Taekwondo techniques, Tael (Routine), confrontation, stunts, power, exercise methods, etc. The book has more than 770 pages with a large number of illustrations And text description.

"ITF Taekwondo Basic Course" is China's first Taekwondo synchronous learning textbook. Its publication has filled a gap in the history of China's ITF Taekwondo teaching. It covers Taekwondo ’s leg, boxing, elbow, knee, routine, body protection and other techniques. It also includes history and culture, flexibility training, strength training, acrobatic training, as well as training assessment content at all levels of Taekwondo. Retrieval is convenient and practical, and has been closely followed by Taekwondo enthusiasts and Chinese at home and abroad during the creative period.
Writing process: It lasted for seven years and was revised repeatedly. Many Taekwondo black belts participated in the technology demonstration.
Binding specifications: 240 pages in a single book, more than 3,000 photos, 16-color full-color coated paper printing.
This book is detailed and rigorous in accordance with the training content of the tenth to one section of Taekwondo, and is explained in turn in accordance with the basic structure → routine → counterattack → skill → body protection technology composition system, focusing on the auxiliary training that highlights basic movements The method is suitable for ITF Taekwondo enthusiasts, practitioners to collect and read, and it is very helpful for teaching Taekwondo techniques, self-improvement training, and ITF technology introduction reference. Suitable for curators, coaches, enthusiasts and other different groups. Intuitive, targeted and informative.
This book is based on pictures and text supplemented in an intuitive way to explain technical requirements in detail. Both beginners and children can intuitively understand the technical essentials, which is very helpful for the consolidation and guidance of training after class. Coach is a good reference for teaching plan. This book is a Taekwondo classic condensed by the author's many years of personal practice and experience.
About the Author
Ji Lei
Ricky was born on New Year's Eve in 1983. Height: 170CM. Weight: 70KG. Hometown: Luzhou, Jiangsu. Now settled: Sichuan, Mianyang Wudaoguan Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Director of the International Taekwondo Federation Black Belt Five Sections International Teacher International Referee Actor, Director, Action Director 2005-2008 National ITF Contest Champion 2006 World Martial Arts Runner-up Actor Works 2006 "Kung Fu Junior Heroes as: Wu Dashan Director: Chen Xunqi. 2007 "Overprint" as: Goofy. Director: Chu Shi. 2009 "One Round" as: Yi Bao in 2010 in "Yangmen Women's General's Order", directed by Chen Xunqi.
Book value:
I. This book is not only a professional guide for ITF Taekwondo learning and education, but also a reference book for WTF Taekwondo learners and enthusiasts and even coaches.
2. The traditional Taekwondo theory and philosophy explained in this book can cause readers to think deeply about Taekwondo.
3. The illustrations and photos in this book have aesthetic and artistic characteristics, which fully reflects the strong oriental culture of Taekwondo.
Fourth, the publication and distribution of this book has been recognized and recommended by Taekwondo celebrities throughout the country and internationally. It is known as a book worth collecting.
Famous support:
1. Inscription of Zhang Xiong, President of International Taekwondo Federation, [To pay tribute to writing Taekwondo teachers' special book];
2. International Taekwondo Alliance Black Belt Eight Section All-British Teachers and Advisers are technical consultants;
3. China's first teacher, Mr. Xu Changhu (seven sections of the black belt), strongly recommended;
4. Mr. Zhao Jinghu (Black Belt Sixth Section), a senior teacher of Taekwondo, highly recommended;
5. Mr. Li Chengzhe (black belt 6) of Taekwondo Teacher highly recommended;
6. Hong Kong's famous director Mr. Chen Xunqi strongly recommends;
7. Preface of Mr. Tian Shuai, the father of China Martial Arts Marketing [Thank you, Teacher Ji Lei for letting me write the preface for this tutorial, I am deeply honored! At the same time, on behalf of the majority of followers of Taekwondo, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Teacher Ji Lei for his outstanding contribution to the cause of Taekwondo! I also hope that all my colleagues can work together and martial arts together! 】;
8. Mr. Cheng Zhulin (4th paragraph of the Black Belt), founder of Taekwondo Benevolence Association, strongly recommends that [All the illustrated photos in this book are a work of art in Taekwondo culture, which contains a lot of effort and spiritual strength of the author. Taekwondo classics that have been scarce since 10 years, no matter what kind of taekwondo you practice, you will be able to use it. 】;
9. Mr. Fu Haitao, President of China ITF Taekwondo Network, strongly recommends [Don't buy Ji Lei's book, because you will love him from now on.

Today, the number of Taekwondo halls is increasing, and more and more people have learned to be Taekwondo instructors, and they are determined to make Taekwondo their own career, and many people also understand the truth, that is, teaching the Student Union Development has established a good reputation, but it is not enough to look at the internal teaching materials of various training institutions as a coach. No matter how good a book is, Taekwondo teaching is far from a book.
So, as a Taekwondo instructor, you should read more Taekwondo teaching books and absorb the essence of each book's content. I recommend one of the following books for everyone:
If you are a Taekwondo coach, if you are a leader of a teaching team, if you are ready to manage students, if you have a strong interest in Taekwondo teaching management ... check out this book.
Teacher Tian Shuai used the years of coaching training experience and a large number of outstanding coaches' winning cases to explain the Taekwondo coach's coaching and management in a profoundly simple language and a completely new interpretation. Revealed the competence requirements of coaches as teaching positions. I believe all Taekwondo trainer readers will benefit from it.
Tian Shuai was born in Beijing, China
Graduated from Capital University of Economics and Business
Special Lecturer in the Presidential Seminar of Tsinghua University.
Dean of Shangjie Management Training Institute
Invited Lecturer in Tsinghua University President Seminar
Special Lecturer, School of Continuing Education, Beijing Normal University
STT Senior Corporate Internal Trainer Senior Lecturer
Deputy Secretary General of World Martial Arts Managers Association
Contributing Editor of Quick Win Business Review
Senior Training Instructor / Vice President of China Experiential Training Association
Teacher Tian Shuai is good at citing vivid cases, causing problems and solving problems with a sharp eye, which makes people suddenly feel cheerful. Combining theory, practice and fun, the explanation is easy to explain, and the interpretation is easy to understand. Fun and active classroom atmosphere, experience, participation, training, commentary, and interactive teaching methods allow everyone to practice in the snow and practice in middle school. It can quickly grasp the students' psychology at the beginning of the class, and has a strong ability to control the field and respond. The content of the lecture was very simple, fast and effective, and won the students' love.
This book is currently rare in China for Taekwondo coaches in classroom teaching management. Compared with technical teaching or marketing books, it is closer to the actual situation of Taekwondo Museum in China.
The biggest feature of the book is that it quotes a lot of classic theories in classroom management, but it does not seem difficult to understand. It is explained in the form of cases. Just reading each case in the book can be deeply inspired.
Recommended reason:
1. This book is made by Tian Shuai, the dean of the famous Shangjie Martial Arts Marketing Management Training Institute in China;
2, the book includes 9 complete classroom management skills, more unique and targeted;
3. This book introduces the basic methods of classroom management for Taekwondo coaches. According to various situations, the author divides them into different stages.
5. The book is marked with classic cases and methods for classroom management, which is convenient for everyone to learn.
1. This book is a work of experience. The book packaging and paper quality are average. It is a little disappointing for those who are pursuing high-end packaging covers.
Books are not very thick. No complicated and redundant pages, dry goods from beginning to end;
这是一本关于跆拳道课堂管理最权威的书籍之一,跆拳道教学书籍史上的经典着作! Recommended comment: This is one of the most authoritative books on Taekwondo classroom management, a classic in the history of Taekwondo teaching books!

Reading is the most economical and fast way to learn. Through reading, open the door to thinking, broaden your horizons, learn to think, and promote a team learning atmosphere and rapid growth. This time I will recommend an indispensable book of Taekwondo-"Watching the Way."
Watching the Road Quietly is a must-have book for martial arts educators. Learn what martial arts education is through this book? What is a good coach? How to become a good coach? Understand the true way of kickboxing.
This book is also suitable for students' parents to let them learn more about Taekwondo, learn to support and encourage children to practice Taekwondo, and learn childcare from it.
The author Liu Jing has been engaged in martial arts for 18 years. He has a master's degree in applied psychology from Central China Normal University, a parent-child communication instructor, a parent-child education instructor, and a three-taekwondo black belt. He is currently the general manager of Wuhan Jingchuan Consulting Co., Ltd. and a number of parent-child education consultants specially hired by many educational training institutions.
Teacher Liu Jing was invited to share many topics such as "Expression of Love", "How Sports Effectively Promotes Learning", "How to Inspire the Potential of Learners", "Companionship Is the Best Gift for Children" and many other topics, helping many Parents improve their educational concepts and master effective education methods.
Once published, "Watching its Way" has attracted the attention and recognition of many friends. It has been sold to 29 provinces except Tibet and Qinghai. It has been purchased by more than 480 Daoguans, including 48 units that purchased 30 books at one time. . The first 2000 volumes were sold out in less than a month and had to be reprinted.
Some of them are bought for themselves, some are for coaches and teachers, and some are for parents of students. Many customers feel that the book is good and make a second purchase.
The best way for a team to grow is to learn together, read a book together, discuss it together, and find a solution to the problem. This book can be used as a training material for new recruits.
If every parent of a student who is practicing Taekwondo reads this book, not only will he learn more, improve his education concept, master the correct education method, but also reduce the communication cost of the teachers.
The true educator, what makes him most successful is not the countless banknotes in front of him, not how dazzling he is, but seeing his students grow, seeing his students surpass him, better than him, Ability to create your own happy life.
Be a temperature educator, not hurried, impatient, exaggerated, and not follow the wave. Study hard, learn to persevere, and love your work with all your heart!
This book is an indispensable reference book whether you want to run a good museum, lead a good team, serve a good parent, or grow personally. Read through this book and make good use of it, it will create greater value for you!