Name: International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)
General Cui Hongxi
Founder and first president: Gen. Choi Hong Hi
Zhang Xiong
Honorary President of Life: Professor Chang Xiong (North Korea), Member of the International Olympic Committee
Li Yongshan
Current President: Professor Ri Yong Son (North Korea)
2. Location: Draugasse 3, 1210, Vienna, Austria
3. Contact address: Draugasse 3, 1210 Vienna, Austria
4. Legal status:
-The ITF was registered with the Austrian Police Department in 1986. According to Austrian law, the appointments continued on January 2003, September 2004, May 30, 2007, February 23, 2009, and November 30, 2009. .
-ITF has been recognized by the Austrian Sports Federation as an international sports organization and is included in the Austrian Sports Federation's only publication "Yearbook"-2004/2005, 200 5/2006 (see page 292 of the 2004/2005 yearbook)
-The ITF was registered as a non-profit civil society with the Austrian Ministry of Finance in November 2004.
-ITF joined the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA in 2007
-The ITF was confirmed by the International Olympic Committee in December 2010 and signed to join the Peace and Sports Forum.
5. Members: At the 21st ITF Conference held in Pyongyang, North Korea on September 7, 2011, 125 member states were confirmed.
6. Intercontinental Alliance:
-Asian Taekwondo Federation (Headquartered in North Korea)
-European Taekwondo Federation (headquartered in the UK)
-Oceania Taekwondo Alliance (headquartered in Australia)
-Pan American Taekwondo Federation (Headquartered in Argentina)
-African Taekwondo Federation (headquartered in South Africa)
7. History:
-April 11, 1955, General Cui Hongxi named Taekwondo
-March 22, 1966 International Taekwondo Federation established in Seoul, South Korea
-January 1972 International Taekwondo Federation headquarters relocated to Toronto, Canada
-1985 ITF headquarters relocated to Vienna, Austria
-General Cui Hongxi, founder of Taekwondo and the International Taekwondo Alliance, died on June 15, 2002
-Professor Zhang Xiong, member of the International Olympic Committee, was elected president of the International Taekwondo Federation on September 22, 2002
-On October 13, 2009, Professor Zhang Xiong was re-elected as President of the International Taekwondo Federation
-On August 26, 2015, Professor Zhang Xiong was elected as the Honorary President for Life, Professor Li Yongshan was elected as the Third President of the International Taekwondo Federation
8. Official activities:
-World Championships held every two years
-Youth, middle-aged and elderly world championships held every two years
-An annual commemorative cup competition to commemorate the founder of Taekwondo, General Cui Hongxi
-Annual Intercontinental Championships for youth, adults and middle-aged people, especially in Europe and the Americas
-Referee or technical seminar workshops held in more than a dozen countries every year
* Information on World Championships and ITF Conventions is attached
9. Instructions and Awards: Instructions issued by ITF and Medal of Honor for Excellent Teachers
10. Referee:
A-level referee: four or more stages;
B-level referee: 2nd-3rd
11. Level division: ribbon owner (level 10-1), black belt segment owner (segment-three segments are called associate teachers, four-six segments are called teachers, seven segments are called teachers, eight segments (Referred to as senior sages and nine sections are called sages)
12. Official Magazine: "Original Taekwon-Do"-more than 5000 copies will be published at a time
13. Classification of Events ;: Routines, Rivals, Stunts, Powerful Breakouts and Regular Bodyguards (Group and Individual)
14. Official clothing, training equipment, and advertisements during Taekwondo events
-Students and contestants: Road uniforms and belts (white, yellow, green, blue, red, black)
-Referee Dress: Top (Navy Blue), Pants (Navy Blue), Tie (Navy Blue), White Shirt, Sneakers (White)
-Various T-shirts, ITF logos, epaulets with black bands, prizes for winners of various competitions and world championships, ITF Taekwondo trainees, teachers, teachers, sages and related persons all over the world
-Sportswear, sneakers, backpacks, towels and more.
-Fighting equipment (head protection, teeth protection, women's chest protection, rib and belly protection for middle-aged and elderly players, hand protection, arm protection, foot protection, shin protection, crotch protection, etc.)
-Competition venue (9 x 9 meters) and powerful stunt venue
-Tables, chairs, stopwatches, recording paper, signs (red and blue) and bells, referees and judges
-Leverage electronic scoreboards during competitions
-Advertising during international and regional championships, world championships and seminars including ITF conferences each year
-Advertising through publications including websites, magazines, encyclopedias, newsletters, etc.