Effective communication tips for coaches

1. Establish the image of a coach and read more books about pedagogy, so that you can always answer questions raised by parents about their children.


2, improve their own quality, pay attention to their own words and deeds, so that parents can be assured that their children into the hands of the coach, while using the coach's words and deeds to affect the child.


3. Communicate more with parents. The child's learning and class performance should be reported to parents in a timely manner. You can also learn more about the child's personality and home study situation from parents, and be absolutely professional and dedicated in front of parents. Any minor emotional changes in the child's class, or the child being punished or praised today, must communicate with the parents in a timely manner.


4. In the process of communication and getting along with parents, we must grasp the "degree", and we can communicate with parents about some educational issues, not involving too many personal issues and personal matters between some coaches in this department.


5. Don't just promise parents something that the coach personally can't determine.


6. Don't establish a particularly good relationship with some parents. Chatting with some parents during the break between classes and drawing home will cause suspicion and dissatisfaction of other parents.


7. Greetings can be sent to parents through text messages on holidays to ensure that each parent is treated equally.


8. Don't overdo and please parents.


9. Try not to call the parents' mobile phone because of a little trivial matter, it is recommended to use text messages to contact the parents.


10. Deal with some details so that parents can always feel the coach's concern for the child and their entire family.