On December 15, 2019, the promotion exam of Suzhou Huahan Hongru Pavilion was successfully completed

On December 15, 2019, the promotion exam of Huahan Hongru Pavilion in Suzhou, Anhui Province passed successfully.
This promotion examination is conducted by Zhang Bo Normal Teacher (five paragraphs). The test items include five major sections: basic movements, combined movements, routines, smashing, and physical fitness, covering the investigation from footwork, boxing, leg to strength, speed, and coordination. . Parents also participated in the grading interaction in person, and two male parents entered the battlefield to experience the board smashing. The male parents also recognized the practicality of ITF Taekwondo without failing to smash the board at one time, and at the same time learned more about the children in the training process. The results of the efforts and examination report.
ITF Taekwondo not only pays attention to the use of technology and the effects of combat, but also promotes the promotion of martial arts philosophy. The oath before the exam and the three etiquettes of "entry, teachers and students, respect for the leader" let parents see their children show their growth Out of the flash point. As the only ITF Taekwondo Pavilion in Suzhou, Hongru Pavilion also follows this philosophy and puts forward the training of "Self-care, Self-reliance, Self-reliance, Self-respect, Self-respect, Self-respect and self-respect". Guided by this library training, the entire examination process showed the children's civilized etiquette and strong self-confidence.
For the parents, the most exciting thing is the broken part. Watching the child's serious expression and a full blow, he condensed the sweat that he has been spending in the past few days on this little punch and kick; the moment the wooden board broke apart from the parents The inner recognition is the solid footsteps of children on the road of growth. The seemingly simple break has become the bridge between parents and their children. The back of the child's break is the happiest figure of the family walking hand in hand on this bridge.