New Year's Speech by China ITF Network in 2020 (Fu Haitao)

The law returned to Chunhui gradually, Vientiane began to update, hurriedly passed in 2019, and quietly came in 2020. 2019 is the year that the Chinese ITF network sails and writes the chapter! We will move towards higher goals with confidence. Because of our dreams, we have the stars and the moon, and we only fight for the day and night. Because of our promises, we go forward without fear.

2019 is a year when China ITF Network is determined to forge ahead, unite and cooperate, and make bold innovations. China ITF.net adheres to its original founding purpose, and serves the original intention of serving the majority of traditional Taekwondo practitioners and the majority of traditional Taekwondo enthusiasts, and consistently presents high-quality, high-speed cutting-edge information to everyone.

In 2019, because of the correct guidance of leaders at all levels, because of the care and love of traditional Taekwondo colleagues, because of the understanding and support of fans and parents, and because of the hard work of all editors, we are still moving forward. progress!

Recurrence, Vientiane updates. 2020 is the crucial moment for us to create dreams and set sail. As "Healthy China" rises as a national strategic goal, and when the country releases the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" to promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of China's sports, China's ITF network will always focus on the traditional Taekwondo development and actively Cultivate and develop the traditional Taekwondo trainer echelon construction as the driving force, work in solidarity with the majority of traditional Taekwondo in-service staff, make bold innovations, and innovate together.

The ancients said: The voice of the great player must be loud, and the player of high spirit must be far away. Let us work together in the new year to work hard together, forge ahead and work together to create a high-level and distinctive new poem!

In the new year, China ITF Network wishes all leaders, colleagues, parents and brothers and sisters who are struggling in traditional Taekwondo positions to be in good health, work smoothly, happy friends, and good luck!

Fu Haitao, Founder of China ITF Network

December 30, 2019