Tongliao Vocational College Taekwondo Club "First" Promotion Conference Successfully

On December 13, 2019, the "First" Promotion Conference of Tongliao Vocational College Taekwondo Club was successfully held on the third floor of the Vocational College Gymnasium. The evaluation committee is chaired by Zhang Bowen Teacher of the School of Physical Education. Ms. Bai Shuyan, the director of the School of Physical Education of Tongliao Vocational College, and Zhu Na, the director of the Taekwondo Education Museum of Tongliao Shengdao Stadium, are jointly held. As a teacher, the examination treats every member of the promotion team in an open, fair and just manner. The organizer of this examination is the Taekwondo Club of Tongliao Vocational College.


First, the coach of the school team, Zhang Bowen Teacher, announced the official start of the promotion conference. Minister Wu Cuimin led the reference team to take the oath before the exam.


The Taekwondo Club of the Vocational College has just been formally established for less than a year, and now has 162 trainees. Only 15 players participated in the promotion examination at this promotion meeting. After the audit result is passed, it will be verified and recorded by China ITF Taekwondo Network (www. ITF wang.com).

The results of the 15 candidates from Tongliao Vocational College are as follows:


Name Gender Grade


Zhang Fenyu Female 35 points qualified


Wang Ziyan Female 34 points qualified


Li Jiaxin Female 35 points qualified


Lu Mingzhu Female 35 points pass


Chen Qi Female 34 points qualified


Liu Xuechao Male 42 points


Liu Zhiqi Female 34 points qualified


Wang Youxin Male 39 points pass


Gao Yu Male 35 points pass


Wang Wen Male 39 points pass


Han Dexin Male 36 points qualified


Gao Yumei Female 34 points qualified


Gao Yuxin Male 41 points outstanding


Du Weiye Male 39 points pass


Wu Cuimin Female 40 points outstanding


“很优秀”! For the performance of Taekwondo players in Tongliao Vocational College, the official evaluation of ITF website is: "Excellent"!
The average score of all the test takers is 36.5 points, and 75% or more of them have scores of 35 or more. They have initially completed the teaching tasks specified in the syllabus.

Finally, I hope that the members of Tongliao Vocational College will continue to maintain a full attitude and active training style in the future training, and strive for more excellent results in the next exam!