Some thoughts on formulating national industry standards

The importance of developing national industry standards
The formulation of national industry standards can effectively guide the application and standardization of the market and promote the healthy development of the industry. As the so-called "first-class companies do standards, second-tier companies do brands, and third-tier companies do products", if you want to be a leader in a segmented industry, you must have your own standards. Standard, this is the true industry rule. The principles of standard formulation are based on the principles of industrial development and market demand; adhere to the advanced, scientific, rational, and operable principles of standard formulation; adhere to the uniformity, coordination, applicability, consistency, and standardization of standards Principles, combined with test verification and application promotion, coordinate and advance the formulation of standards. The formulation of national industry standards will lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of the industry.
The formulation of industry standards not only means the standardization and maturity of an industry, but also provides the necessary basis for the development of the industry. With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, technical standards have become an important means of market competition. Enterprises that fail to participate in the formulation of standards can only be controlled by others everywhere in the competition.
In recent years, many companies have realized the strategic significance of participating in the formulation of standards and the importance of standards to the improvement of corporate image. A consensus was formed: first-class companies sell standards, second-tier companies sell services, and third-tier companies sell products. Here's what it means for companies to participate in the development of standards.
(I) Promotion of corporate image
Standards can effectively circumvent competition, eliminate non-compliant companies, raise the threshold of competition, and enhance the reputation of enterprises in the entire industry. The standards are only formulated by relevant government departments. The participation of enterprises indicates that the enterprises have a high reputation in the industry and have been recognized by the government in some aspects, thereby significantly improving the image of the enterprise.
(II) Protection of enterprise self-development
Those who get the standard win the world, which is why many companies have participated in setting standards in recent years! Be the first to participate in the formulation of standards, to be the first to market and regulate the market. Once the standards are implemented, enterprises will obtain an excellent barrier to protect their own development, as well as a powerful weapon to attack the domestic and international markets.
Participating companies can have market control effects. After the companies have written their patented technology into the standard, they can take measures such as refusing licenses, charging high license fees, charging license fees based on the principles of fairness, reasonableness, and non-discrimination, cross-licensing, and free licensing Use of patented technology in standards.
(3) Enterprises have the right to speak rules
"There are no rules and no roundness." On the surface, what is emphasized is that when you do anything, you must follow certain rules. In essence, it has another deep meaning, that is, who has the "rule-making power" of the "rules", who will have the "discourse power" and become a "leader". As an observant, you can only follow passively.
"Getting the standard" may not necessarily win the world, but "getting the standard" must be a "weapon" for breaking down various technical trade barriers.
(IV) Enterprises to seize market opportunities
The process of drafting standards is relatively long, usually more than one year. Enterprises participating in the formulation of standards can seize the opportunity in production, that is, adjust the procurement of raw materials as early as possible to avoid waste caused by substandard product indicators.
In the process of formulating the standards, the enterprise issued a corporate voice, understood the core content of the standard, let customers know the product or industry trends in advance, and seized the market opportunity in bidding.
For the sake of their own interests, companies will try to write their own technologies with independent intellectual property rights, or technologies that are beneficial to themselves, into standards, so that followers lag behind to "find their way." Moreover, once such technology becomes the standard, the technology development direction and path of the entire industry and R & D and production investment will converge on it, forming a path dependence of technology development and industrial development, and other technology development programs will face elimination. Danger.
(V) Enterprise wins a higher development platform
By participating in and leading the formulation of standards, while leading the development of the industry, it can also adjust the development direction of the enterprise in advance.
Give your own company a voice, seize the "commanding heights" in the process of formulating rules, win a higher platform for the development of your own company, and win opportunities in the market competition of similar products.
(6) Promote the transformation of science and technology into productivity
Science and technology are the primary productive forces, but before science and technology did not leave the laboratory, it only affected and played a role in the field of science and technology. It was a potential productive force, not a realistic one. Only through a unified platform provided by technical standards can science and technology be quickly and quickly transitioned into the production field and transformed into realistic productive forces, thereby producing due economic and social benefits. Standardization and scientific and technological progress have a very close relationship, and the two complement each other and promote each other. Standardization is an important "bridge" for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces. Advanced scientific and technological achievements can be transformed into productive forces through standardized means and promote social progress.
(VII) The government rewards and encourages enterprises to participate in the construction of standards
The government advocates enterprises to participate in the drafting of standards, and generally awards companies with funds. In addition, the policy also provides policy encouragement in certain policies such as policy bidding and science and technology declaration.
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