The 13th "Course Consultant Terminal Sales 100% Closing Training Camp" was successfully held in Beijing

After two months of meticulous preparation, on November 19, 2019, the three-day 2019 13th "Course Consultant Terminal Sales 100% Closing Training Camp" jointly organized by Shangjie College and China ITF Network was successfully held in Beijing. This course aims to promote the improvement of professional service skills in the traditional Taekwondo industry, provide a platform for mutual communication and learning, and create a positive learning atmosphere, learn from each other, and make progress together. Enhance the brand image of traditional Taekwondo institutions in all regions.

The dean of Shangjie College is also the main lecturer of this training. Teacher Tian Shuai pointed out that an excellent course consultant should have a good professional attitude, comprehensive literacy and professional professional service skills, and pay attention to individual differences and characteristics. It is to create a first-class martial arts training service experience, is committed to providing students and parents with a total solution, provide value, and do a good job of follow-up tracking and management, to ask themselves to the height of consulting experts, continue to grow, better for students and parents service.
In this training, Mr. Zhongtian Shuai also focused on the detailed interpretation of the national standardization of the future teaching and training of the traditional Taekwondo industry and the relevant national policies and policies. And confidence.
During the period, Shangjie College and China ITF Network led everyone to visit, exchange and learn about Lutheran FC China headquarters, the largest comprehensive fighting event in Asia. Mr. Zhang Xiaodie, President of Luther FC China, warmly received teachers from all over the country. , And expressed their welcome to institutions and talents who are interested in comprehensive fighting can come to the headquarters for further studies.
In the training of professional course consultant teachers of more than 30 institutions of traditional Taekwondo in various regions of the country, a successful conclusion was reached for this "course consultant terminal sales 100% sales training camp", Shangjie College And China ITF network will make unremitting efforts in the future and make every effort to create a first-class training service experience!