2019 Wuhan University Qingchuan Cup ITF Taekwondo Open Invitation

2019 Wuhan University Qingchuan Cup ITF Taekwondo Open Invitation
Dear curator, teacher, coach, hello!
Thank you for your persistence and hard work on ITF Taekwondo !
In order to promote the orthodox Taekwondo created by Taekwondo founder General Cui Hongxi, so that the university student associations that carry out ITF Taekwondo can communicate and develop with each other, and make ITF Taekwondo a more influential martial arts movement in various university campuses, and also to promote ITF Taekwondo is thriving in Central China. We will hold the “2019 Qingchuan Cup National College Student ITF Taekwondo Open Competition” and the “2019 Qingchuan Cup Central China ITF Taekwondo Open Competition” at the Gymnasium of the Faculty of Engineering of the Centennial University Wuhan on December 7-8, 2019. We sincerely invite players from your club to participate.
Schedule of this competition:
December 6th Report to the weighing, leader referee meeting
December 7 Opening Ceremony, Routine Competition for Adults, Children, College Students
December 8 Adult, children, college students competition
Special note about this competition:
1. The International Taekwondo Alliance Wushu Association and Wuhan University Wushu Association are entrusted to organize the competition by the International Headquarters of the Chinese Taekwondo Chinese Alliance (Cui Pai) Ningbo Headquarters, but the competition itself is not limited to factions, and any traditional Taekwondo organization can send teams Have friendly exchanges with players in accordance with traditional Taekwondo rules.
2. The competition is divided into two parts, the "National ITF College Student Competition" and the "Huazhong ITF Open Competition". The time will be interspersed according to different groups.
The college student competition accepts ITF college student clubs and individual players nationwide. The definition of college students includes those ranging from junior college students to doctoral students.
The Central China Tournament accepts ITF Daoguan in Central China to participate in the team in the name of Daoguan. Registration for individual players is not accepted.
3. In order to encourage newcomers to participate in the exercise and find and train future high-level players, this competition has set up a "University Newcomer" and "Dojo Kindergarten Group" competitions. College students and Dojo Kindergarten players can have a minimum level of 10 in leucorrhea. Participate. The college freshman competition entry rules are slightly different from ordinary ITF competitions. For details of the rules, please refer to the "Articles of Association".
4. The main actual combat rules of this competition are conducted in accordance with the international actual combat rules of the Cui faction ITF, the negative two-point system of the Zhang faction and the four-point and five-point rule of turning. The evaluation rules of this competition will not take the different characteristics of the ITF organizations as the evaluation criteria, but only the standards commonly recognized by everyone, according to the initial standards of the Taekwondo Encyclopedia.
5. If the participating teams need to report to their respective superiors, they hope that the organizer will issue an electronic version of the official seal or a hard copy of the invitation letter. Please contact the organizing committee for instructions. We will provide the official form issued by the Wushu Association of Wuhan University. Invitation card.
We look forward to taking your precious time to participate in this competition! I look forward to working with you on the shore of East Lake to discuss Daojia Mountain! TAEKWON!
2019 Qingchuan Cup ITF Taekwondo Open Competition Organizing Committee
November 6, 2019
Contact: Lu Peng Teacher
Contact: 15827111793 (WeChat)