Fu Haitao
Founder of China ITF Network
Founder of Budo Training Network
Deputy Secretary-General of Youth Sports and Cultural Exchange Center
Deputy Director, Training Department, Youth Sports Culture Exchange Center
China's martial arts industry chief network marketing expert
Lecturer, Shangjie Budo Marketing Management Training Institute
International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Black Belt Five
National Social Sports Instructor
China ITF Taekwondo Network
China ITF Taekwondo Network (schbao.cn) for short: "China ITF Network". Founded by Mr. Fu Haitao, the fifth member of the Black Belt of the International Taekwondo Alliance since 2008, China ITF Network is committed to the traditional ITF Taekwondo culture communication as its mission. It is a portal website mainly based on the traditional ITF Taekwondo information transmission. Domestic and foreign traditional ITF Taekwondo-related news, competition information, training activities, coaching inquiries, inquiries from gymnasiums, and ranks and inquiries.
All activities on the website comply with the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies of the People's Republic of China, observe social ethics, and unite Chinese ITF Taekwondo workers, athletes, and taekwondo enthusiasts to promote and popularize ITF Taekwondo on the Internet to increase awareness of ITF Taekwondo. The director of the family assists the regional museums in China to increase domestic visibility
Actively organize related activities that are beneficial to the development of ITF Taekwondo, and promote the better development of ITF Taekwondo in China
The development of the website is inseparable from the support and help of ITF seniors and the majority of enthusiasts. The purpose of the website is to develop a harmonious ITF Taekwondo movement in China, regardless of race, sect, and solidarity, for the majority of Chinese ITF Taekwondo enthusiasts and Workers, provide a good network information exchange and sharing platform, and build a harmonious and united ITF network family.
Fu Haitao Introduction
Founder of China ITF Network & Budo Training Network;
China's martial arts industry chief online marketing expert;
Expert lecturer of Shangjie Budo Marketing Management Training Institute;
Five sections of the Black Belt of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF);
International Teachers, International A-level referees;
Social sports instructors at the national level;
Deputy Secretary-General of Youth Sports and Cultural Exchange Center
Deputy Director, Training Department, Youth Sports Culture Exchange Center
I have been engaged in ITF network communication service for nearly ten years. As an ITF Taekwondo industry service website, I have always firmly put the service of ITF industry organizations and individuals first, vigorously promote the ITF Taekwondo traditional culture and support ITF institutions and individuals across the country, and actively Report on key events related to ITF, timely and accurately transmit information about ITF training, competitions and other activities across the country to netizens in the first time, and play a positive and positive role in publicity. Through accumulation and innovation, we continuously improve the quality and experience of our own services and launch the ITF industry unified query system, which visually presents information from ITF agencies across the country to netizens, and builds a mature and professional level and segment review team and query system.
As of now, the total accumulated registration information of China's ITF website has reached 92,020, the total number of rank information has reached 18,790, and the total level information has reached 73,230. Utilizing the advantages of the new media platform and the integration of public welfare resources, it has established a good ITF industry morality among the general public, spreading positive social energy, and making efforts and contributions to creating a good industry development environment!

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